Children’s Writing

I am a children’s writing professional and have several published children’s books and short stories. My first book, A Hollywood Tail, was released on August 5th, 2014.

Excerpt of my children’s writing from A Hollywood Tail:

Jerry McIntyre McGregory Jacobs has one dream. He wants to become famous. The problem? He’s a squirrel! Being famous is a people’s job so Jerry decides to run away from home in order to pursue his dream. Along the way, Jerry meets new friends including a duck named Ben and an iguana named Lizzy that help him on the journey to stardom, which mostly means saving him from one tricky situation after the next. Jerry realizes that becoming famous is hard work and that true friendships are more important than a paw print on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A Hollywood Tail is a humor-filled story about one squirrel’s journey to fame and his realization that being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A Hollywood Tail is available at Tate Publishing or on Amazon.

A Hollywood Tail

A Hollywood Tail

My next children’s writing project is a book called Patches. Patches will be published in Fall 2014 by Christine F. Anderson Publishing.

Excerpt of my children’s writing from Patches:

Patches was a good cat. She never clawed the furniture or messed up the carpet so when she is abandoned it comes as quite the shock. Having never been outside – or without a kitty litter box – Patches must rely on new friends, Whiskers, Tiger, Leah and a handful of others, as she learns to survive as in an unfamiliar terrain.

After determining that she can’t hunt rats like the other cats (partly out of fear but mostly because she is declawed), Patches comes up with a plan that forces cats and rats to work together. It’s something that cats have never thought of before but Spike, the leader of the short hair cats, decides to use her plan and with good success. However, by working with the rats, the short hairs have accidentally violated their agreement with the long hairs! The long hairs declare war on the short hairs and Patches is taken captive.

After new friends help her escape, Patches must step in and prove that cats are cats, no matter their hair length.

Patchs is a Middle Grade novel that is fun, fresh and filled with quirky humor that children will enjoy. It also addresses important topics such as how to be a good friend, acceptance, and making the best out of difficult situations.

Patches will be a available through Christine F. Anderson Publishing or on Amazon.


I will also be published in a children’s writing anthology by Crimson Cloak Publishing. This short story compilation will be available free  on sites that allow it or available for a low price and profits donated to charity!