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I love writing and am passionate about sharing my writing with others. I’m an established freelance writer and author of several books currently available in bookstores and Amazon.com. If you’re looking for a freelance writer for any type of material, please Contact Me.


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Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace

I was born and raised in Minnesota where I spent most of my time either exploring the woods or finding new pets to adopt. My love of animals and adventure is what has inspired both my children’s book, “A Hollywood Tail”¬†and has created in me a love of travel. Moving to Miami, I spent weekends exploring all that the nature side of south Florida had to offer. From the Everglades to Key West to hidden gems throughout Miami, my adventures have now become a travel book “24 Hours Miami.”

I invite you to join me in my journeys and share your adventures with me! I love checking out travel blogs, other writers blogs and writing resources. Connect with me by clicking on the social links below.